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Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

The Magic Fountain was built on the occasion of the International Exhibition of 1929, during the development of the hill. The fountain is the main element of a set of lightshows, fountains, waterfalls and lakes that begins at the National Palace and flows down the Avenue Maria Cristina to Plaza Espanya. The project was commissioned to architect and engineer Carles Buïgas, who had to overcome the reluctance of the authorities of the time, with many calling the plan too ambitious. The building works lasted nearly a year, and employed more than 3,000 workers.

The Magic Fountain is elliptical, and measures 65 meters long by 59 wide. In total, may contain more than 3 million liters of water, divided between its three concentric levels at different heights and more than 30 water jets of different power and sizes. The show of light and color is achieved thanks to 120 stained glass prisms, that still are moved and controlled by the 1929 original engine.

During the Spanish Civil War, the fountain was badly damaged and was out of work until 1955, when it was repaired again by Carles Buïgas. In subsequent rehabilitation and improvement works, music was added to the spectacle, and occasion of the 1992 Olympic Games facilities were modernized to provide higher power source and optimize water and energy consumption.

To enjoy the music and light show at the Magic Fountain, which is free, you have to keep in mind that the schedule is tailored to the seasons. So, from October to April the musical choreographies are Fridays and Saturdays from 19h to 21h. Starting in May, the show happens to be 21h to 23h, and it is extended to Thursdays and Sundays. It is important to remember that in January and February the fountain remains stopped for maintenance.

  • Magical Fountain in Montjuïc
    Plaça de Carles Buïgas
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